Cinco de Mayo: Celebrating Stereotypes

Friday is Cinco de Mayo!

It’s about this..

NOT this…

Well…at least it’s not like this in Mexico.

The May day celebration is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day. 

5 Things To Know About Cinco de Mayo (VIDEO):

It’s also an unfortunate tribute to Mexican stereotypes: wearing of sombreros, beating of piñatas and consumption of mass quantities of tacos, tequila…and that’s just in news magazine programs

MSNBC, ABC In ‘Cinco De Drinko’ Flap (VIDEO):

From 2014

Cinco de Mayo is also a popular sports date. Alvarez vs Chavez Jr. in Las Vegas on Saturday is testament to that.


To be clear…no one should shy away from celebrating 5 de Mayo or integrate it into its programming.

There are plenty of relevant ways to tap into the Cinco de Mayo popularity…the important thing is to use common sense. 

What’s funny to some might be culturally tone-deaf or offensive to others.

Note: the blog’s featured picture is from David E. Hayes-Bautista’s book: El Cinco De Mayo, An American Tradition.

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