Mr. President, STOP Using “Illegal Aliens”

Mr. President, stop using the derogatory and inaccurate term, “illegal aliens”. Last night, President Donald Trump repeatedly used those demeaning words in his speech from the Oval Office to instill fear and win favor for his campaign promise to build a border wall that many critics say is too costly and unnecessary. Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jose Antonio…

American Latino

We are proud of the historical revolutionary, innovative, industrious spirit of the United States of America. We build on a solid foundation of family values, strong work ethic and pride instilled in us by our parents. We provide a united voice and offer an open palm in support of one another in times of celebration or trouble.

For Latinos, It’s All in the Familism

In order to produce content that is relevant with Latinos, it must be familiar, focusing on the community’s core values and centered on family. The key to success is in designing messages that promote a strong work ethic, the value of education, a celebration of achievement and responsibility to one another.

In other words, make sure to keep it all in the familism.

I Am Not Hispanic (Or Latino)

I am proud to be part of a larger group of people with a common history, culture and language described as Latinos and Hispanics. But as we celebrate the great things which unite us let us also celebrate those which make us unique.