”Live in Springfield, Jenifer Abreu, KOLR 10 News.¨ Being a reporter like Jenifer, for a local television station or national network or even a digital news outlet isn´t easy. It takes a lot of preparation to get right, what is more often than not 15 to 30 seconds of face time. As the most visible member…

No Soliciting…Unless

Solicitor: Can I call you? Me: Maybe. I don’t know. What do you want to talk to me about? Like many of you I spend a lot of time working on my personal brand. I’m selective with who I network with at work and in the marketplace. I am an active member of organizations which…

For Latinos, It’s All in the Familism

In order to produce content that is relevant with Latinos, it must be familiar, focusing on the community’s core values and centered on family. The key to success is in designing messages that promote a strong work ethic, the value of education, a celebration of achievement and responsibility to one another.

In other words, make sure to keep it all in the familism.

I Am Not Hispanic (Or Latino)

I am proud to be part of a larger group of people with a common history, culture and language described as Latinos and Hispanics. But as we celebrate the great things which unite us let us also celebrate those which make us unique.

Welcome to the United States, aquí Se Habla Español

Hablar español en Los Estados Unidos no es un lujo, si no una necesidad. If you didn’t understand the previous sentence then you’re at a disadvantage on many fronts. And before you get on a soap box and start preaching about how “this is America! Learn the language…speak English!”, stop. Just. Stop. Many people stopped…